Vancouver Spa location in Kitsilano Vancouver for Thai massage
Thai Massage Vancouver

Vancouver Spa

Vancouver spa location is available on Sundays in Kitsilano, and in Fairview on Tuesdays.

The address for the Sunday location is 2786 W 16th avenue, room 207. The map at the bottom of this page will give you directions if you click on it.

Get comfortable

I have my own mat that I custom made from mattress foam to be as comfortable as possible. I used the same vinyl as a regular massage table so I feel confident this is also the most hygienic Thai massage mat available.

The mat is on the ground so I can get the greatest leverage and pressure possible for when deep tissue kinds of pressure are required.

The massage is also fully clothed with no oils, so you can get on with the rest of the day as soon as it’s done…
Though many people just want to nap after because they feel so relaxed.

Location features

Sundays I am at the Dermabrite Clinic, home of many great beauty, skin, plus health and wellness services.

It’s a clean and nice facility with big windows and lots of natural lighting, which is extra pleasant on sunny days.

You may also want to combine some of the other available services, like laser hair removal, or skin repair from sun damage with one of the other practitioners. They have all sorts of machines they have invested in, and you can make a whole spa day out of it.

The area is a beautiful place to go for a walk and you can even catch a delicious gourmet ice cream or sorbet at a highly rated location across the street, La Glace.

My location for Sunday is also across the street from choices and next to the chevron on the corner of MacDonald and 16th Ave. Catch a coffee at starbucks across the street if you have spare time before or after!

Other options

I have another location available 5 minutes down the road at Heather St. and 16th Ave at the Sourcepoint Shiatsu clinic. I am there on Tuesdays.

I am also available for mobile massage to your home on other days.