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Thai Massage Vancouver

Assisted Yoga Massage

Are you looking for a stretch? A massage? A therapist who has both the touch and passion to give a great treatment?

Nic knows Thai Massage as well as other styles that:
•Soothe sore muscles
•Reduce stress
•And can also calm the senses

Nic can suit many needs with a variety of techniques:
•Northern Traditional Thai
•Deep Tissue
•Pressure points & myofascial release
•Sports Massage
• And Assisted Stretching

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At first, I got into massage therapy after a car accident left me with a badly hurt back.

Massage, it seemed, had over shadowed all other therapies I was taking. I went to one Therapist after another, and tried many people with a variety of different skills and styles.

…and finally, I found it! Thai massage therapy helped to fix my hip and back in a whole new way. My body felt happy in areas that I had given up on long ago.

My goal is to provide the best possible massage for those I work with.

I want everyone to feel how I do from this great style of treatment.

Do you need deep tissue work and hard stretching? Do you need more of a soft touch and pressing with gentle stretches?

Everyone is different, therefore I am happy to change the treatment for your needs.

What Makes Your Thai Massage Unique

So what makes it different?

Mainly, you might note many positions look just like yoga poses. Thai massage is movement from different positions that makes use of both massage and stretching at the same time.

I have helped provide relief for many people with sciatica, frozen shoulder, and other ailments.

With 15 years of personal training experience and 6 years of thai massage:

I feel confident I have learned the body and its common dysfunctions; I have gained skills and experience to help almost anyone.

My philosophy is that a properly balanced body will heal best:
I love to find imbalances and come up with a plan to help my clients during massage and after it.

Please check out my reviews to see how I have helped others

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