Vancouver Thai Massage
Thai Massage Vancouver

Vancouver Thai Massage

Vancouver Thai massage: For your convenience at a spa location. Plus mobile massage in the Vancouver area is available.

I have taken my education in Thai massage and other modalities, and combined it with my 15 years of personal training experience.

Using the most beneficial massage techniques and stretches I can find, I would love to be the one who:

•Soothes your sore muscles
•Helps to reduce your stress
•Calms your senses

I can suit many needs with a variety of techniques:

•Northern Traditional Thai
•Deep Tissue Style
•Pressure Points & Myofascial release
•Sports Massage
•Assisted Stretching

“Felt like a Thai massage mixed with RMT massage, it was great!”


Services and locations

Spa Massage

Available on Sundays in Kitsilano in room 207-2786 W 16th Ave at the Dermabrite clinic

Available on Tuesdays in Fairview at the Sourcepoint Shiatsu center

Mobile Massage

Mobile massage to your home available in:
North Vancouver
West Vancouver
New Westminster

Mainly, you might note many positions look just like yoga poses; it uses movement from different positions, with massage and stretching at the same time.

This massage has helped provide relief for many people with sciatica, frozen shoulder, and other ailments.

I feel confident I have learned the body and its common dysfunctions; I have gained skills and experience to help almost anyone.

My philosophy is that a properly balanced body will heal best.

I test for imbalances in range of motion as I stretch you out.
For example:

I might notice the left arm or knee does not reach as high up compared to the right side. I can then spend extra time to help change that.

Even the FABER test, commonly used by Physiotherapists, is part of my regular massage routine

Please check out my reviews to see how I have helped others

I started undergoing massage therapy after a car accident left me with a badly hurt back.

Massage, it seemed, had done more for my pain compared to all other therapies I was taking. Thankfully, I had good strength and knowledge of the body thanks to my background in training and being a personal trainer.

Yet, I continued to struggle with what seemed like imbalances causing pain. I went to one therapist after another, and tried many people with a variety of different skills and styles.

…and finally, I found it! Thai massage therapy helped my hip and back in a whole new way. My body felt happy in areas that I had given up on long ago.

My goal is to provide the best possible massage for those I work with.

I want everyone to feel how I do from this great style of treatment.

Do you need deep tissue level of pressure or big stretches? Do you need more of a soft touch and pressing with gentle stretches?

Everyone is different, therefore I am happy to adjust the treatment for your needs.

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